Spa Day Packages

Your Spa Day Package

Are you getting ready for a special day? Or once a month just want to take care of yourself? My Spa Day package it the ticket!! Start with an amazing fiscal and body treatment. You look and feel younger, more vibrant not to mention how amazing your body feels, inside and out. From there, leave here with hands and feet, younger stimulated and most soft!!! Finish up with an application of organic makeup. I can keep it simple or go dramatic depending on what you would like. Lastly lets do something fun, wild, crazy sexy or keep it simple with your beautiful hair. A light snack and beverage is included.

Beauty Package

Do you need 3 hours to yourself, to enjoy who you are and the things you like, not to mention the benefits you get from taking time for yourself? My beauty package includes a Eminence signature facial or  body treatment, a manicure and a pedicure. My skin care line is organic, it starts working when your start using it. It is 98% ACTIVE ingredients unless most others at 40-60%.

With My Day Signature Facial I customize and cocktail every facial to meet your needs, concerns and issues. They can include a chemical peel, microderm abrasion, high frequency or galvanic. Or I can cocktail them with a few different treatments. My body treatments will be designed to target your bodies needs, whether you need hydration, circulation, detoxifing or just a nice exfoliation. I use a steam machine for my pedicures. The steam helps with circulation, opens pores and allows my awesome skin care product to penetrate better leaving the skin my hydrated and the legs and feet revitalized. Hot wet towels are used in my manicures along with an enzyme scrub making the hands hydrated and younger looking and feeling.

Mom & Mini-me Day

The mom and mini me package allows mothers to bring their daughter/s in and while moms are getting a signature body treatment or facial their little one is getting their toe nails and finger nails painted, a little organic blush is applied and their hair is styled. (Girls 7 and under)

Facial Packages

Let’s not be afraid to take care of our skin ladies and gents our facial packages are designed to help you improve your skins appearance. By removing congested pores, evening out skin tone, improving the signs of aging minimizing those u wanted wrinkles. The packages are sold in three or six facials. I  recommended to do the facials one week apart for either three or six weeks. Thereafter doing one facial a month. With the three package there is a 20% discount  and with the six package there is a 20% discount and 50% discount on the seven facial.

Body Treatments

Body treatments are very relaxing and helpful to the skin and inner body. Some of the benefits are exfoliation, hydration, stimulation, blood circulation, and detoxification. With the help of our product I can help you skin look and feel amazing not to mention the release of toxins making you feel more energetic. A sugar scrub and enzyme wrap will be applied all over the body along with hot wet towels. Being covered and kept warm using steam and a heating pad from the neck down for about 20 minutes allowing product to work. A relaxing facial/scalp massage will be done. Product is then removed and a massage soufflé or body butter/lotion will follow. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.