Manicures & Pedicures


Take about 45min to enjoy a relaxing manicure.  Soaking each hand separately in warm tea, the cuticles are pushed back and nails are cleaned from any debris and filed to the client’s wishes.  An awesome sugar scrub and wrap or an enzyme scrub will be applied and left on covered by hot wet towels. Once that product has absorbed into the skin, a very hydrating massage soufflé or lotion will be applied and worked into the skin. We can add on a paraffin dip and/or shellac if one would like.


My Day Salon and Spa uses a unique steamed pedicure system. The benefit to the steam verses soaking is the steam opens the pores allowing our Eminence product to penetrate better. It also circulates the blood flow, eliminates dead skin cells and softens skins. With the steam I also use hot wet towel s, massage, callus and cuticle work as well as polishing. If you would like to add a paraffin dip or shellac I can do that as well.